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About Next Gen MMA

Adults and teens (16+):  All classes are suitable for experienced and beginners alike


We also offer dedicated beginner courses to help you start your MMA journey.


If you are looking to compete as an amateur or professional, want to learn self-defense,  martial arts skills, or simply increase your strength and fitness our club is for you!


You will have access to Brazilian Jujitsu Grading as overseen by world Champion Chris Brennan, you can also avail of Kickboxing grades and compete in many martial arts platforms such as K1, Kickboxing, Sanda, BJJ and MMA. 


Even if you have no urge to compete you will find a place in our club, we offer high quality training in a welcoming environment!

Click here: For more details about our specific classes 

Junior classes (11 to 15 years)

2 Classes per week dedicated especially to our young members and teens up to 16 years.  New members are welcome at anytime simply set up your membership and join the next class in our schedule.  Classes run each Monday and Wednesday 6pm to 7pm


We also run Martial Arts camps during midterms, Easter, Halloween and Summer.  See here for details.

Meet the Coaches

Owen Dempsey is our head coach and lifetime martial artist.  One of the old g's of MMA in Ireland, Owen has years of coaching experience and a wealth of knowledge in Striking, Wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu and MMA.

Brazilian jujitsu brown belt
5th degree black belt kickboxing
5th degree black belt
Kenpo karate

Owen is also a fully qualified personal trainer an level 3 Yoga Instructor.


Robbie is one of our coaches and along with assisting our head coach Robbie teaches our Junior MMA programs  and is an active MMA Athlete.


Brazilian jujitsu blue belt

Brown belt kickboxing


Jack is one of our coaches and along with assisting our head coach Jack teaches our Junior MMA  programs and is an active MMA Athlete. 


Brazilian jujitsu blue belt

Brown belt kickboxing


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