Beginner Course Enrolling Soon

Starts March 2020 - Click Here for Details

The best way start to your Mixed Martial Arts Journey is to join our MMA Beginners course.  A fantastic introduction to all elements of the sport where you will build up your confidence, fitness and knowledge in our tailor made beginner friendly classes.   


Our 10 Weeks course with Next Generation MMA is 'OPEN TO ALL 15+'. 


Learn Kickboxing, Wrestling & Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ) skills in a friendly, ego free welcoming club.


Learn Self Defence, get in fantastic shape, feel powerful & confident.


All you need to start is a good attitude, a bottle of water, shorts and tee shirt. €120 for 20 sessions (free mouth, groin & shin guards included)

After the 10 week course you can join our full MMA Program giving you access to a wealth of classes.  Sign up  get started.  We look forward to meeting you. 

- If our beginner course does not suit your schedule or you are an experienced martial artist we welcome you just as equally to our full program. Visit us any Monday (apart from bank holidays), Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening before the class begins to speak with an instructor and watch a session.  See our schedule here

- Complete the contact form and pick up your information pack. 

- If you would prefer to try-out a session our drop-in rate is €15 per evening (we will deduct this amount from you first month's fees if you choose to join us!).  You must complete our disclaimer and waiver form and pay the fee before stepping onto the mat!  Restrictions apply to non- members such as no sparring or heavy drilling of techniques!  Members are insured and have access to our full program.

- To become a member of NG Dublin.  Complete and submit your insurance, membership contract along with the fees and insurance due.


Email us at if you have any questions.