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Junior MMA Club
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Junior MMA classes (11 to 15 years): 

Next Term Begins on the 6th of November 2023 until 20th December 7 weks (28 classes).


All members have access to 4 classes per week for the duration of each term,


We will offer 3 terms of classes per year from January 2024. 


We run our terms in line with the school year and our terms run 

Jan - Apr

May - June. 

Sept - Dec


We also run highly popular Martial Arts camps during midterms, Easter, Halloween and Summer.

 Each Term we run 4 classes per week.

Monday class 5.55pm - 6.55pm teaches Striking for MMA where members develop their Kickboxing skills.  There is a Black belt Kickboxing program to follow with access to Kickboxing grades as you progress.

Tuesday class 4.55pm to 5.55pm teaches our members our Grappling game. Emphasizing clinch, takedown and ground skill development.  Brazilian Jujitsu from Next Gen MMA is the base for our ground skills and there is a grading program to follow as you improve in this area-


Wednesday class 5.55pm - 6.55pm teaches Grappling for MMA where members develop their ground fighting skills with striking and teaching transitions to standing up. 

Thursday class 4.55pm to 5.55pm teaches our members our Striking game. Emphasizing punching, kicking and using takedowns against strikers.


Our MMA Program offers a complete skillset of martial arts skills to our junior members with the main goal to have a lot of fun while teaching at the highest standards possible!  Safety and control with all of our members is an absolute priority.

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