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Junior MMA Club
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Junior MMA classes (7.5 to 15 years): 


We offer 3 terms of classes per year. 


We run our terms in line with the school year and our terms run 

Sept - Dec

Jan - Apr

May - June. 


We also run highly popular Martial Arts camps during Easter, Halloween and Summer.

 Each Term we run 2 classes per week.

Tuesday class 5pm to 6pm teaches our members our Grappling game. Emphasizing clinch, takedown and ground skill development. -


Thursday class 5pm to 6pm teaches our members our Striking game. Emphasizing punching, kicking and using takedowns against strikers.


Our MMA Program offers a complete skillset of martial arts skills to our junior members with the main goal to have a lot of fun while teaching at the highest standards possible.

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