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NG MMA Beginner Course


(Dates, times and costs can be found in the course details) 



This course will introduce you to the fundamental techniques used in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Our experienced coaches will cover all categories of MMA from Stand-up Striking, to Wrestling, to Ground grappling and Striking on the ground.


You will learn the arts of Kickboxing, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) and can use these skills to build you fitness, confidence and Self-defence skills.

This course will give you a great foundation to join our club on completion of the course if you so wish.


Next Generation MMA is an international family of MMA clubs running for over 22 years and headed up my MMA pioneer and multi time Brazilian Jiujitsu World Champion - Chris Brennan.


Here in NG Dublin our programs are run and taught by Irish MMA legend Owen Dempsey who will bring his wealth of knowledge and years of experience to give you a fantastic intro to MMA.


Where you go from here is up to you! Whether to build your fitness with a new and exciting hobby our if you wish to compete in locally, nationally or internationally we will help you build you skills, knowledge and experience in a warm and friendly environment.



Spaces are limited to the 1st 14 people to register.


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